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Bacha desne

I really hate that feeling where you know you have a lot to do, but you dont do it. its really really anoying. like now. i should be finishing a paper that was due yesterday, but instead im writing on a blog about how i should be doing it. bug!!! come over this weekend, im out of bread! and top ramen is really gross.

Avatar aldebaran
01-27-06 11:23
Ok but it will have to be on sat, I'm going over to my sisters sunday, but we can get together friday night. ... mom ate all my bread...We're making muffins again!=)
Avatar chucho *
01-27-06 21:16
Breathe deep
that's pretty much why ive been avoiding elowel all this week. until now.

ah, repreave.
Avatar unfathomablej
02-18-06 20:12
scholar of China
"Bacha Desne"?

"Baka Desu ne?"
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