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Doubleplus ungood bad dream

so the dream starts out like most of my bad dreams-zombies. So zombies are attacking, except they're kind of smart, and the only place where you're totally safe from them is this place where all the rich people live. And so there's this really nice car driving down my Apocolypse Now street and this old man sees me killing this zombie and he asks me if I've had enough (because i've started to just kick the crap out of it now) and I said that these things ate my dog in the beginning. He said that's impossible, they dont feed on animals, and I said in the beginning, they fed on anything. it was kind of an awkward conversation. I didnt like the guy but he said that if I became one of his wives, he would bring my family to live in Covense (which is where it was safe) I asked what he wanted in return and he stated "only your company." i looked the same in my dream as i do in real life, so i was suspicious. so we go to the place and it's really nice. the only person left in my family is my mother who doesn't talk or do much. I'm married to him for a few years and find out that he's very rich and im the youngest and most unattractive of all of his wives (he has eight)he uses me specifically for "hunting." but since there are no animals left, you hunt zombies. for some reason and inter breeding of humans and zombies happened sometime ago and now you have a group of second class citizens who are like zombies but are smarter, they can talk and carry on jobs (small jobs but it pays the bills. in convnse, they have levels where people live, kind of like a parking garage. the richest (or purest) live on the top where no zombies or halfs can get tooand on the lower levels they're named weird like "non-psychotic." the guy doesn't use me for anything gross (like sex) or anything, just hunting. One of the people that he also took in is an orphan. he's black, not very good looking but we automatically fall in love. my husband also has a henchman, who is a total ass hole. he makes sure all of his owners wives are faithful. im walking alone to school one day and my love comes next to me and we pull one of those 1984 gigs with winston and julia, where it seems to everyone else we're just talking about the next hunting trip but really we're telling eachother about how madly in love we are. so we're walking and when there's no one around i tell him about how much i hate my husband and how much i love him. my lover pulls out a tape and says that if we're found out we'll be shot. i ask him what's on the tape and he tells me its a recording of my husband shooting a real man that he mistook for a zombie. the reason that is so important is because that's pretty much the only law and if you're caught (and a man)you're exiled and your belongings are turned over to your newest wife (which is me). my lover tied the tape to a pole so that it wasn't seen and he leaned in and told me someone was watching. i looked up and it was the ass hole. we were standing at the end of a cricket field and my lover went to go talk to the henchman, but the henchman told him to just go back to me. for some reason i thought he would keep our secret, but instead, when he got back to me the henchman shot my lover. i cant tell you why it crushed me as much as it did. i had memories of us together, totally in love, and this guy just shot him. the henchman told me that i need to come with him now. i looked up at the pole and the tape was still there so i knew i could get revenge. i started to pick up my lovers body and noticed that the bullet had grazed me in the side. i knew my husband would kill his henchman for that, but i was unable to carry my lovers body. the henchman burned the body as i walked away. i was crushed. when i got back i found out that my husban had killed his first wife because she had miscarried and her two kids had been exiled for it. for some readon this was perfectly normal. he told me that i was to take the role of his first wife (baby making). i told him that his henchman had shot me. he didn't ask why and immediately asked me what i would like done to him. i told him i would like him to be exiled, but my husband killed him instead. i knew that i would have to go back to where my lover's ashes were and retreive the tape and expose my husband's cruelty to one of the court officials (who was my husband's third wife's brother). then my husband would either be exiled or the wives could choose his death. i was on my way out of the garage when i woke up.

Avatar schelly
01-24-06 23:43
Warrior Princess
Wow, that's one vivid, complicated dream... congrats on the ability to remember it all. It would make a great novel...
Avatar aldebaran
01-25-06 18:55
...Did you take melitonin?....
Avatar satsu
01-27-06 00:10
bug, im insulted, you know i dont take drugs. it was a real downer day though. i miss him.
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