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More Logic

You know who are jerks most of the times? Police Officers. I can't understand any of their logic. Now, like I say before, we're not vulcans so I'm free to speculate.
What gives them the right to choose which car to check? Personally I check all of them because I have nothing better to do. But it seems they pick only late issued models or newer models with minorities driving. Which is kind of an oxymoron since whites are a minority. Anyways, the things they say about immigrants. I feel like I'm the only logical person there which makes me feel totally illogical. "Why are they coming over here? Yadda Yadda Yadda." And all that jazz. And then I try to explain to them that it's perfectly logical for them to come here because their country is in political turmoil. And then they complain about them not knowing English. And then I try to explain to them that when the American public with its biggotry and hatred creates a second class of a race it would seem only logical that they would then either develop a hybrid language or use the one that they all share. If we condemn Latinos to this second class society we should be trying to fix that and not bitch about them not being able to take our order right. I actually think they're doing quite well. I still don't understand how people can be so cruel to them though. When we change our definition of "Human" to "American" than it just becomes that much easier for apathy. Think of a racial slur, and the picture of a stereotypical race comes into mind, the stupid ignorant something or other with no sense of practicality of decency. When that thing does something wrong, does it make it that much easier to see it as a one-dimensional thing rather than an American? Not even American, as a human? I've always been so puzzled about how much more pain there is with the death of one animal or person to the death of, say eighty. I can understand the death of about ten or less, but beyond that I can't even begin to conceive how much pain there is within that. But who would wish that upon someone else? Or mankind in general. That we could understand the death of fifty like we could understand the death of Matal Sanchez. Wasn't that awful though? How could someone brutally murder a four-year-old little boy? The funeral was awful people were wailing and shreiking and someone had the hiccoughs., and the mother sat there in total oblivion until the casket was lowered and she just began shreiking and had to be held back from jumping in the hole. I'm so glad I'm part sociapath or else I would've been bawling like everyone else. I almost got teared up once or twice. But I thought of cows using straws and did just fine.

Avatar max *
07-08-05 22:18
cyber desperado

You ought to post more.
Avatar sara *
07-09-05 11:35
Have some tea.
Yeah.. nice. I think you = logical.
Avatar prudence *
07-28-05 11:14
~laughs~ cows using straws.

Anyway... I have too much to say in reply to this post to just type it so I'll talk to you about it some time later.

This is Jenny BTW. HI!
Avatar prudence *
07-28-05 13:00
What's your e mail?
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