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Scary Kid

In Law Enforcement, they're saying is, "There is no higher honor than for one person to investigate and fix the pain of another's." Now, logically speaking "another" would seem to refer to a person. But since we are not vulcans, and logic dictates only towards logic and not towards action, I am free to speculate.
There is a girl in my chemistry class. I'm always stuck as her partner becuase I have no friends. Anyways, when the beheadings of the US Contractors was going on she would constantly ask me if I've seen the footage. And I would reply yes. And before I could tell her how awful theses happenings were she would say, "Ogh my god, I need to see that web site." and the next time we'd see eachother she would sound almost happy that she had seen it. She would describe it as if to say, "oh my god, isn't that cool."
Naturally I was creeped out. Her fascination with death and her hate of anyone who disagrees with her. She has this malicious streak towards lesser beings, such as bugs. She doesn't hate bugs, she seems to see them as something to be feared. So she seeks out these little monsters and tortures them till they give up the will to struggle and then she kills them. On one such incident, we were working with acid and she told me of a story of when she saw a big pregnant spider and how she picked it up to take it to her fathers tool shed where she poured acid on it and watch it slowly die because she did not put enogh acid on it to kill the poor thing instantly.
Do I have the right to punish her? Would it be a sort of Karma if I did? I think it would be. She killed a lesser being so could I in a fact punish her for killing an innocent thing?
I've done it before. A person kicked my dog, so logically I assumed that I could kick them for this insult against my dog. Since my dog had no way of defending itself it seemed quite logical that I the dog's gaurdian would then practice revenge on his attacker. What was different with this spider?
I had an oath as a peace officer to protect the life and property of others (not specified to species) so was this not my responsility to deter her from reenacting these malicious acts upon another I have sworn to protect? It did fall into this category through my logic and tomorrow I shall initiate the spider's revenge. Though it will have died. and is dead now. I will talk to her and tell her that that was wrong and any further trespasses on someone else's right to live will be dealt with swiftly. Because what she did was wrong. And it was. So That's what I will do.

Avatar max *
02-14-05 23:22
cyber desperado
I don't get what's with the people fascinated with death. Like why the hell do people watch that "Faces of Death" crap?

I'd recommend just quietly reporting her to some official body (a counselor perhaps?), enjoy retribution anonymously and from a distance -- it'll keep it so she keeps telling you if she keeps offending. Then you can keep reporting her.

Probably should add in that dash of "what the heck, that's screwed up."
Avatar gripewater
02-15-05 09:07
durr durr durr
I agree with telling someone about this, someone of authority who has access to her mental history.... just to clear YOUR mind of this wrong behavior of hers.

From what I understand the way Karma works is- it's not so much payback issue. But a repercussions thing. If you kick a sleeping tiger, know you may have MAJOR repercussions.

But it is not up to you to report the kicking; so that person can be punished. That person, say the next time she plays with acid or nasty bugs, may get burned or bitten. That is karma.

I also think telling her that she is warped, is NOT wrong. Tell her you don't agree with her ideaology; and she may stop telling you (as I think she does this to try and impress you, or shock you or some fucked up reasoning she is doing it for attention).
Avatar rplash
02-15-05 10:53
she sounds like she needs a little help. she sounds like serial killer material.

how old is this girl?

yah i agree with onerios about people being fascinated with death and those videos. i dont understand it all. its disturbing.
Avatar prudence *
07-28-05 11:07
If she feels no remorse, something is wrong. I understand swatting a mosquito, but when you torture something and derive pleasure from it, that's warped. Who is this twisted girl?
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